OR Table Pedestal Protector
  • Accidents happen.

    ​ShroudGuard prevents damage to OR table shrouds.

ShroudGuard on table with bed lowered

Protect OR tables from damage.

ShroudGuard mounts securely to any OR table, and does not require Velcro® or modifications to your equipment.

OR Table Base

Available for any model.

We have ShroudGuard Surround for most OR tables - and we can develop new ShroudGuards to fit your needs.

Equipment left on table base

Keep OR tables in service.

ShroudGuard protects your OR table pedestal from damage caused by equipment on the base of the table.

ShroudGuard on table with bed raised

Sturdy and removable.

ShroudGuard is fabricated from powder-coated 3003 aluminum.

It can be removed easily for cleaning.